a lil about me

hello there!

my name is andrea, and i am attempting to make a food blog, in hopes to share my dietary restrictions with those who have special needs, and those who care about someone that does.

i have an auto-immune disorder called celiac disease. it prevents me from absorbing any nutrients when any dairy, wheat, barley, or rye gluten is consumed. it greatly affects my digestion and intestines, and also leaves me open to other illnesses when my immune system is down. this is not a simple "allergy" like most people believe. it is a severe illness that needs to be treated as such. there is no cure, and the only treatment of the disease is living 100% gluten and dairy free.

that being said, i have to be very careful eating every single day. celiac's can get sick with even the slightest trace of gluten present. for example, using a knife after someone buttered their bread can cause an awful reaction. we must always be aware of the food in front of us, cross-contamination possibilities, and hidden ingredients. fortunately, what usually begins as a struggle can turn into an amazing cooking adventure!

i live in new york city, the place where you can pretty much eat or find anything you want to eat, at usually any hour of the day. even with all these possibilities in front of me, there is only ONE restaurant in all of new york city that does not make me sick. that is because it does not contain any wheat or gluten in ANYTHING. there are "gluten-free" restaurants, bakeries, etc., but they all make the simple mistake of carrying or making other wheat or spelt products. the chances of you becoming very ill are very high and the risk is never worth it.

i am also vegan, soy, and peanut free. i am vegan by choice, soy and peanut free by my body telling me to quit that shit. having celiac disease really helped me figure out what else my body isn't into. i do have to be very aware of protein and other essential vitamins in my daily intake of goodies.

so basically, i cook everything myself. i have to! luckily, i really enjoy it. i love learning and discovering and sharing new ideas and techniques. i love the trial and error. when something goes wrong, i feel that much more determined to get it right. i love feeding a vegan gluten free treat to a wheat/butter eater and hearing them say "this is better than the real thing!!" although i don't do it for them, it's great to have that positive feedback.

throughout the years and internet searches, i have had a hard time finding others like me. i know they're out there, and hopefully this brings me a step closer to finding them.

i will now share my recipes, pictures, and knowledge with anyone willing to listen.

so this blog is dedicated to those feeling left out on all the goodies they watch their friends consume, with hopes to making a better one, from scratch!!

word up!!

p.s. i'm not really here to take fancy photos or get famous or talk about myself all the time. i'm here to cook, and mainly eat it it right after! don't expect much more than that, and i'll try my best to not talk too much more about myself, and let the food and fun do most of the talking!